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 Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

A ribbon cutting for a recently installed mural painted by Diane Smith took place on Thursday, Oct 23, 2014 at 4:00pm in front of the Lawn Bowling Field on McClelland Street in Santa Maria.  The mural, entitled, Celebrate the Harvest of the Santa Maria Valley, features a farmer’s plow, agricultural treasures, wine tasters, and a master chef. The Town Center Gallery directed the project,  made possible by grants from the Santa Barbara Foundation, Altrusa International of the Central Coast, Community West Bank. The mural storage, framing, support and installation was funded through the Santa Maria Recreation and Parks Department. 

The Town Center Gallery in the Santa Maria Sun

The Town Center Gallery received a media grant partnered by the Sun and the Hutton Parker Foundation to benefit non-profit organizations. A professionally produced four page center spread insert in full color dedicated to our mission, history and upcoming events appeared in the October 23 edition.  We thank Colleen Garcia and the staff of the Sun for their work in putting the spread together plus thanks to all our members who contributed. 


 Great News!

Our Educational Director, Beverly Johnson announced that on May 10 the Town Center Gallery was awarded $600.00 by the Altrusa International Foundation, Santa Maria for youth art classes and on May 11 the Gallery received a $500.00 Lester B. Hayes Grant through the Santa Maria Arts Council for our children's workshop projects.




 REVISED Procedures for Hanging Art on the Walls

at the Santa Maria Public Airport

  •  Each individual artist will be the contact person for any anyone interested in purchasing their artwork displayed either in the showcase or on the wall and you have two options when making a sale.

Option #1:  The artist will go to the airport, have the check (plus tax 8.25%) made out to Town Center Gallery then:

  • Use the key (located in the lock box) to access the receipt book and  log.
  • Place the check (or cash) in the pouch and log in the sale to the log book.
  • Then let a board member know you made the sale and the check is in the packet.

Option #2:  Have the check, plus tax, made out to Town Center Gallery  (If the transaction is in cash make out a check on your account for the amount).  Then mail the check to Patricia Smith (address in members directory).

  • The artist will arrange for a backup member to make a potential sale, if the artist is working, on vacation or for some reason might be unable to meet the person purchasing the art.  
  •  The Gallery will supply the tags for the artwork with the name of the artist, title of art, artist's phone number, the medium, the price, and the phone number of the back-up.
  • The artist will replace any art sold with another piece equal to or larger than the piece purchased.  You will have to make up your own tag.
  • If the artist does not wish their personal phone # to be displayed on the tag, other arrangements may be made.                                                            10/30/14jac


The Gallery has an agreement with the Santa Maria Airport  to display approximately 45 pieces of artwork throughout the facility.  This is in addition to the artwork presently displayed in the showcase.  Each show will run for two months. The   Although the Airport is considered a secure facility members are reminded that the Gallery is not responsible for loss and damage to any artwork.

To all Town Center Gallery Members

Our art work hanging on the walls and in the showcase at the Santa Maria Airport is a great success.  We have received many compliments from bystanders and sales have been steady.  We are reminding members that poor presentation reflects not only on the artist but on the Gallery. Members are encouraged to re-read the display guidelines in the Member Directory.  Frames, matting and glass must be in good condition and clean.  Wiring should be firmly attached, the screws holding the wire inserted one-third of the way down from the top and the top of the wire 2 1/2 “ down from the top of the frame so the hanger does not show when the artwork is hung.  Do not wrap any tape at the middle of the wire.  A checker will be present at each intake prior to the registration.  Artwork not adhering to the Guidelines will not be accepted.  The fee for one piece (30” x 36” or smaller is $10.00 and the fee for two pieces (30” x 36” or smaller) is $15.00.  The fee for one large piece measuring more than 30” x 36" will be $15.00 and members are limited to one large piece.

As members will be making the sale of their pieces remember to replace the sold piece with one of comparable size.  The sales tax at the Airport is 8.25%.

Remember, intake for the Airport Gallery is the second Monday of EVEN months and Intake for the Airport Showcase is on the second Monday of the ODD months.  The Showcase is limited to one piece per member (30” x 36" or smaller) or 3-D art at a fee of $10.00 per piece.   Let’s all pull together and make this venue a huge success.